wealthy-life-passing-thruGetting rich does not mean you have to be a genius; nor does it depend on luck, as many people put it. Here are some crystal clear tips, that if followed by any person,  will definitely help them become rich. Regardless of your tribe, race, color, creed or gender, you are destined for richness, and it’s up to you to explore your potential. The following are some of the secrets and tips will lead you directly to wealth or riches!

The first secret is time. Time is more valuable than money, hence the need for you to make good use of it. Get to work an hour early and you will be able to do more than you usually do. It is today a clear fact that you cannot just become rich by being positive, visualizing and having good intentions. Once you have a good plan, get out and implement it, rather than waste more time thinking and fantasizing on riches that you really don’t have at the moment.

Reduce all your long-term goals into short term goals. For instance, you need to break your five year goal into some smaller plans of a year, a month and ultimately a day’s plan. Live one day at a time and ensure that you achieve the most that you can achieve in a day. You also need to know that the earlier you start building wealth, the easier it is for you to achieve your goal of becoming wealthy.

The second secret is making more wealth than the average income. You need to explore all the avenues to ensure that you make more money, so you’ll be able to save more. It’s possible that with an average net income of $50,000 you can save and ultimately become wealthy, but it will definitely take you longer time to reach the standards of the others who have strived to earn more than $80,000 per annum.

Try exploring all the avenues possible to get to over $80,000 per year. Getting an income increase is not that easy, but when you finally get to the targeted mark, do not be content. Set for yourself another goal.


It’s always good to be an entrepreneur. Although an entrepreneur is a risk taker, it’s not worth exploring options that will financially cripple you. There are several business options that are viable, and are calculated risks worth taking – provided they yield good profits. Think outside the box and go for plans that are well-researched.

Investing is the best option that we have for becoming rich. This is one of the surest ways of getting your income to get to over $80,000/year. See to it that you set aside of portion of your income, if you wish to invest in the future.

However little the income may be, just save something! Always also remember to start from somewhere. Don’t wait until you have the capital for a mega business before you can go for it. Start with the little capital you have and then expand your business. This enables you to get a higher ROI. In addition, even if you have a very big business of your own, investing in side businesses is a secret to building wealth. These side jobs and businesses are so numerous – ranging from freelancing, chicken rearing and cattle keeping & book selling during free time.

Another way to fast track your way to wealth is by minimizing your debts as much as possible. Even if you are going back & forth with a debt collector’s agent at Cbe Waterloo Iowa, try to resolve or delete your debts as quickly as you can. Dramatically decreasing your expenses & increasing your income will bring you much closer to wealth in a much shorter period of time!

After following all of the above steps (and only spending on what you need & not what you want), you will most likely have some money left. Learn to invest your money carefully, rather than just putting it in the banks where they don’t grow because there’s little to no interests. Stocks and treasury bonds are very much recommended here.

However, you need to tread carefully, since you may end up losing your hard-earned cash, if you don’t do your due diligence. Seek the advice of financial and stock consultants before investing. Although they will charge some fees, it’s worth it, because, in these matters,  a lack of knowledge can be a costly mistake.

Lastly, do not confine your ambitions of expanding your empire – set higher (yet reachable) goals to further your progress.

In the words of Wallace Wattles:”For one to explore their full potential, they require the free use of things. To have the free use of things, one must be rich. And so, as it is Man’s natural desire to evolve & live life to its fullest capacity…it is also Man’s inherent natural right to be rich!”